About Us

We aim to make protective shorts accessible to more skaters, by creating  shorts that are protective, attractive and fairly priced.

How Joyfall shorts work:

Joyfall shorts are made with unique impact materials that absorb shock. These technologically advanced materials are more effective than standard padding materials, allowing the shorts to be slimline.

The areas covered by Joyfall shorts

Meet the Creator of Joyfall!

Elsie Luke

Elsie has been Roller Skating since 2018, with a background in figure skating before this! Now she skates parks, cruises trails and plays roller derby. She created Joyfall because she couldn't find protective shorts that were right for her. With Joyfall, she wants to make wearing protective shorts more commonplace and accessible by creating shorts that skaters want to wear. Elsie also teachings roller skating lessons in London and hold workshops across the country and the word. She has had the joy of coaching at UK Mega Meet, Bay Sixty6 and will be coaching rollercon this August. She has created a series of beginners ramp skating YouTube tutorials which can be found by clicking the image!

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