Skate Team

Joyfall is thrilled to introduce the amazing 2023 skate team!

These amazing skaters represent Joyfall at its core, and spend a large portion of their time falling to test its effectiveness.

 Elsie She/Her @elsiemerolling


This is Elsie. Rumour has it that she’s only on the Joyfall team because of Nepotism. Ugh. She falls over in various places including the skatepark and on track as a Jammer for London Roller Derby’s Batter C Power. She also coaches skating and has run workshops at Rollercon, UK Mega Meet, Bay Sixty6 and will be running a workshop at The Northen Roll this may.


Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hi, my names Elsie and I’m the founder of Joyfall. You might not believe it now, but when I was younger I was really shy and used to avoid doing sports. I was embarrassed that people would laugh at me if I tried hard and failed. Now skating is my life. It makes for feel confident and powerful, and I’m always amazed at what my body can do. I love that skating gives me the opportunity to meet so many amazing new people.


What is your signature trick?

Full cabs and 360 stalls – I just love to be dizzy. 


When do you most need Joyfall?

Whilst I fall on my bum a lot during my never-ending battle to land a 540 stall, or attempting new tricks, these are times I expect to fall on my butt – so its usually quite controlled. The times Joyfall really saves my ass is when I’m not expecting to fall – maybe I’m doing a trick I’m used to and just slip, or take a surprise directional on track. That’s when Joyfall really saves my ass from damage.


CC She/Her @mini_clarkson


Retired Derby Player, Ramp Skater and Skateboarder – is there anything the CC can’t do? You’ll catch her throwing flips, grinds and spins, and laughing hysterically whenever anyone falls over.  We asked her some questions:


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m a graphic designer but when I’m not in front of a screen I like to keep as active as possible. I love going for a cycle or a walk of discovery. I’m also a keen reader and enjoying escaping to a good book or wasting some time on a video game.


What is your signature trick? 

Miller Flip, but still overly proud whenever I achieve a fakie anything. 


When do you most need Joyfall?

When learning ANYTHING on my skateboard, or on quads a cartwheel or anything else landing fakie in the transition.


Laura She/Her @hellolauraskates


Not only does Laura send, seal and deliver flips, she does it with style! She’s a strong, athletic and graceful skater, and we are so happy that she is part of the Joyfall family. We asked her a few questions:


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I picked up skating during the first lockdown and have not looked back since. When not throwing myself in (and out) of the concrete hole in the ground, I am a proud staff member to 2 spoiled cats, work in video games and am learning to speak Japanese. My irrelevant biggest flex is my typing speed.


What is your signature trick?

Probably still a Barani, because I made such a drama out of learning it.


When do you most need Joyfall?

I consistently fall on my butt doing rotations so Joyfall is always my saviour then. 

Lily wrote so much that this page looks a bit odd on a tablet so now we have to fill the space. Please turn it Landscape xx

Lily She/Her @lilyd1xon 02 Blocker for London Roller Derby’s Brawl Saints

Ex Team GB Junior, Captain of London Roller Derby’s Brawl Saints and Brawling’s youngers skater, the list of achievements to Lily’s name is only set to keep on growing. She is a strong and strategic blocker and we can’t wait to see what she does next. We asked her some questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Lily, I’m a textile student, I have played roller derby for 11 years, and I’m now part of the Joyfall team. I moved to London in September last year and fun fact, me and Elsie started off as “enemies” according to her parents. We played a game against each other the weekend before I transferred to London Roller Derby, and I think I picked on her a bit on track hehehehe. But now we’re besties!!!!! I don’t have much else interesting to say about myself because my life revolves around skating (RIP social life) – I even work at a skate shop, shout-out DTS. My life away from skating is very creative, I enjoy anything and everything arty – bonus if it involves textiles. Once I finish my degree I’d love to work in print or stitch… in Sweden #swedishbabes.

What’s your favourite thing about derby?

I have never felt lonely playing derby. The community is huge, I have friends all over the country/world that I met through the sport – and they’re all lovely! It really helped me settle into living in London because it gives you a network of people to make you feel connected to the place. I don’t think I would’ve crossed paths with most of the people on my team if I didn’t play derby and that’s what’s so unique about it, because now I can’t imagine my life without them in it.

Derby is a hugely empowering sport for EVERYONE and has taught me so many valuable life lessons, especially at such a young age too – I was 10 (ish – I think) when I started. I realise I’ve included more than one favourite thing, but that’s what happens when you love a sport this much.

When do you most need Joyfall?

All the time! I wish for my bum to be protected 24/7!!! …Kidding, when I predict I will be falling over A LOT (which is almost every training session) I want every part of me to feel pain free the next day. 

Elsie’s been nagging me to get on the ramps too and I feel more confident to do so wearing my Joyfall shorts.

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