Snow Leopard 6″ Protective shorts

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Introducing the Game-Changing Joyfall Shorts!


About the shorts:

Joyfall shorts are made of a high-technology material that is soft and flexible when worn but hardens and absorbs the impact energy upon impact. This allows it to be less than a 5th of the thickness of other protective shorts. The padding covers the main areas that skaters fall on, and the shorts themselves are made of a material that is thicker and more resistant to splinters than spandex, which is often used to make protective shorts. The shorts can be worn under other clothing, but are also great worn on their own!

Are the shorts you’re looking for out of stock? Pre-orders for our next batch of Joyfall shorts are open until June 1st, and you can find them here.

Care and important information:

Joyfall shorts can be washed by machine or by hand. They should be hung to dry and stored either flat or hung (not folded). Reducing the frequency with which you wash your shorts will increase their lifespan. Whilst the outer material is resistant to rips and tears, the inner lining is made of a different material. For this reason, please keep the inner material away from the Velcro on the rest of your pads.

Please be aware that repeated falling/ sliding on the shorts may lead to pilling of the fabric – if you wish to avoid this, you may consider covering them with a second layer of clothing. I personally leave mine uncovered so I can show off the cool patterns.
Please note, for shorts made with patterned fabric, each pair will look slightly different as they are not all cut from the same part of the pattern

The protective padding is designed to absorb impact and reduce injuries, but they may still occur. It is advised that all users skate responsibly and within their limits. Extreme sports carry the risk of serious injury – this is reduced but not eliminated by the use of protective gear.



XS (UK 8-10) S (UK 10-12) M (UK 12-14) L (UK 14-16) XL (UK 16-18)
WAIST 63 – 71 CM 67 – 75 CM 72 – 80 CM 77 – 85 CM 82 – 90 CM
HIPS 88 – 93 CM 93 – 101 CM 101 – 106 CM 106 – 111 CM 111 – 116 CM

You will notice that the waist measurements are broad and overlap – this is both because the shorts are made of stretch material and also have a draw-string waistband that can be tightened, allowing them to fit more sizes. When choosing your size please note – the padding must be against the body, not loose for it to work most effectively. Choosing a baggy fit is therefore not recommended.  See fit examples on real skaters here

UK 8 10 12 14 16 18
US 4 6 8 10 12 14
EU 36 38 40 42 44 46

The Shorter shorts are roughly based on a 3″ leg length and the longer shorts on a 6″ however this is not exact. The length is proportionately shorter for smaller sizes.

We welcome your feedback:

So much work has been put into making Joyfall shorts amazing, however nothing is ever perfect. It is central to our philosophy as a company that will never stop aiming to develop and improve our products so that they can serve skaters better. Since this is the very first version of Joyfall shorts, we know you will have comments and feedback that will be invaluable to us, so please feel free to get in touch!

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X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

5 reviews for Snow Leopard 6″ Protective shorts

  1. Carlie (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with these shorts! I bought the size L and they’re a perfect fit for me (I’m a 34in waist, 44-45in hips for reference). The drawstring could be longer, but that’s easy to switch out. I love that they’re low profile and don’t add a lot of bulk to my already-bulky bottom half. I’m using the shorts at the skate park and at roller derby training. So far they’ve only been put to the test a few times when I have fallen backwards onto my butt, and I haven’t felt any pain or had any back trouble (my biggest worry). So, they work great and make me feel a lot more confident on skates.

  2. Andreanne Tremblay (verified owner)

    Really great quality, I feel confident wearing those and the padding does not make you look weird. Trust the sizing chart, it is accurate. One thing I wish the lace to tighten the short was a bit longer as when I put them over my hips it almost disappeared. But other than that, great short and design.

  3. Jewelz (verified owner)

    Amazing! Comfy and well made.
    I have brought 5 different pairs of impact shorts prior to these, these are definitely the best! By far! I’m already planning on buying another pair (or 3 ?)
    The size was very accurate. The waist doesn’t dig in, the length is great and not bulky.
    The material is so silky and soft. flexible but hardened when required. I forgot they were padded shorts in seconds of having them on the first time.

  4. Barbara (verified owner)

    I’m always wearing complete protective gear cause I’m scared while skating, but for a long time I was too vain to wear one of these “ass-pants” (as me and my friends call it).
    But when I discovered the joyfall shorts I gave it a try, cause they seemed solid ?
    And now I’m in love, the shorts are comfy and not to bulky and I got so much more confidence to try new tricks. Sizing is great, my naturally bouncy bum ? fits in M. (regular pants size EU 38/40)
    I didnt have a hard crash yet, but even when I fall cause standing upright is too hard, I didnt feel any pain 🙂

  5. Roxy

    Great shorts! There are so few options for slimline padded shorts for roller derby at the moment, these genuinely saved my ass. I injured my hip after some repeated falls and needed some protection while it healed. I bought a size XS as my size (S) was out of stock and I was desperate for some padding for a game. They were snug but still fit nicely and had padding in all the right places which just shows the great design of the shorts. Really pleased with them and the customer service was amazing. The owner was super quick and responsive answering my questions and made sure I got them in time, thank you! <3

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