About Joyfall and Our Values as a Company

Why was Joyfall created?

Joyfall was created as a solution to a lack of suitable options for padded shorts. We found that skaters often avoid wearing padded shorts however because they are uncomfortable and unattractive, and that those that do wear them feel they have to compromise on this or find themselves wearing them less often for these reasons. We aspire to normalise wearing padded shorts by creating shorts that skaters want to wear. We have created comfortable and slimline shorts in a range of styles and patterns that can be worn both on their own or under another item of clothing to give skaters flexibility in their style choice.

Falling in skating is normal. In fact it is a really important part of learning which should be taught and encouraged. But even safe falls can lead to bruising, and repeated bruising and hard falls can lead to hematomas and bruises that won’t go away. These can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and throw a skater’s confidence, holding back from achieving their dream tricks or having as much fun as possible. That’s where we come in.


Protective shorts help to reduce this by reducing the impact from falls. In Joyfall shorts we use a secret specialist material that is soft and flexible when worn but goes hard when hit, absorbing up to 90% of the impact. After the impact is over it goes back to its soft and flexible form, ready for the next big slam! To learn more about how Joyfall shorts work, please visit the ”The Shorts” page.


They aren’t fool proof, nothing is! If you slam hard enough you will bruise, no matter what protective gear you wear.  I’ve gotten bruises through inches of kneepad material but I keep wearing my kneepads. Why? Because without them my injury would have been so much worse. The same goes for Joyfall shorts. Our padding reduces the impact that is transferred to your body, reducing bruising and the risk of serious injury so that you can bring that full send energy to your skating!

Our top priorities


As a company created and run by skaters, we have a vested interest in creating the best product we can create. This has led to quite a few delays on the release of our shorts, but we promise it’s worth the wait! Despite our rigorous testing, nothing is perfect on the first try, nor is anything prefect for everybody. This is why we really value customer feedback so that we can keep improving Joyfall shorts to make them better for skaters. We don’t believe in perfection and will always be pushing to improve the quality of our products.



As a skater run company, we understand the importance of skate communities and the amazing things they do the help encourage new skaters and bring people together. Whilst we ourselves are still growing at the moment, we have big ambitions to help support and grow skate communities around the world through sponsorships, events, workshops and more in the future.


Customer care

We won’t leave you hanging if something is wrong with your product. If something is wrong, please get in touch. It is just as important to us to know and resolve any issues as it is for you to have the fully functioning product that you paid for!

Accessibility – please let us know if there are things we can improve about our website or product to make it more accessible to you. We are always happy to take the time to talk things through with you and provide any extra help that we can.


Ethical production

At Joyfall we believe in the value of every human, so ethical production is very important to us. For this reason we have chosen to have our products made here in the UK, where we can visit the factory where they are produced and ensure that everyone involved in the production of Joyfall is being treated fairly and working in safe conditions. We are also proud that we are supporting local businesses and reducing the miles that our products travel by having them made locally.

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